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When Calena Saw Teri Meri Kahaani - Twice

If you're the kind of person who doesn't like to read long blog posts, here is my verdict on Teri Meri Kahaani in a nutshell:

Tremendously entertaining and funny, heart breaking
and romantic, with superb acting performances there is never a dull moment. Go
watch it and forget the world around you for 2 plus hours. 


As soon as the release date for Teri Meri Kahaani got
confirmed, I called up my best friend to tell her to save the date. She isn't a
Bollywood fan, nor does she understand Hindi and her English isn't that good
either (the subtitles are in English). Still, she agreed to accompany me for
two reasons: 1) she loves me and 2) she likes Shahid (she calls him "the
young, hot one" to distinguish him from the only other Bollywood actor she
knows, SRK, whom she doesn't like.)

With a babysitter for her son organised, nothing could
go wrong. Then she phoned me a couple of weeks prior to the release date and
told me a work thingie had come up and she couldn't make it that weekend. I
panicked! So I basically begged a co-worker/friend to come with me (who also
doesn't understand Hindi and doesn't know English that well). She agreed to,
because she likes dancing in all forms and I promised her great music and
picturisation (music wasn't out at that time, but I had faith :) )

Then my other friend called, telling me she could make
it on 23rd. Which led to me seeing Teri Meri Kahaani twice - and I loved it!

My tickets for 22nd and 23 for a cinema in Vienna.
Both my friends really liked the movie and loved the music. Interestingly both
liked Mukhtasar the best. 

My friend announced that she was so impressed by TMK,
she will from now on accompany me on the road trip to Vienna to see every one
of Shahid's future movies (the reason I didn't just go alone is there's a road
trip involved, and driving in Vienna alone when you don't know your way around
is really no fun).

 Here is my mainly spoiler free review of Teri Meri Kahaani

The tagline "Thrice Upon A Love Story" tells  you exactly what you get when watching Teri Meri Kahaani. Seeing three different love stories portrayed by the same actors is refreshing, but I won't lie - I'd have loved to watch a feature length movie on every of these jodis, most especially of course of the 1910 era.

Teri Meri Kahaani has not a single dull moment. Right
from the start it displays an entertaining kind of humour (happy to say the
slapsticky portions that often annoy the heck out of me in Indian films are
kept to a minimum). Watching the respective couples falling in love with each
other puts a smile on your face. When it goes wrong for them, it breaks your
heart. Interestingly none of the three characters Shahid plays are flawless.
Every one of them does things that are more than a bit questionable (and
interestingly enough Javed is not the one who was the most morally questionable
one out of the three). But this only serves to give the characters depth and
makes their respective story arch more interesting. 

Also, while I couldn't imagine how it would work, the
order of the eras in the movie 1960
-2012-1910 was a wise decision.

While I loved all three eras, of course I liked 1910
best. I was a Jaanatic (the term comes from a combinations of Shanatic, Javed and Jaan [picture and explanation via @lsa_kehr])

from the very first picture lovely Parull posted on twitter.

I want a spin off feature length movie with Javed and

All three endings were brilliant, I loved the climax.
Again, I loved 1910 the most. I just melted at the Javed&Aradhana story
conclusion. The way Javed defies social norms in true hero style! The 1960s
ending seemed a bit rushed. While in the other two eras the motives of the
characters are clear, I'm wondering about what exactly led to the 1960s

The performances were superb, as was to be expected.
Shahid and Priyanka make you forget reality for two plus hours. Once again
Shahid proves his versatility as an actor. The way he conveys emotions with
just a simple look is divine. It's such a pleasure to watch this passionate
actor at work. And needless to say, Shahid looks sizzling hot as Javed (the
hair! OMG, the HAIR!), super cute as Govind and very handsome as Krish. Priyanka
convinces in all three roles and my god, is she beautiful! The much discussed
chemistry between Shahid and Priyanka sets the screen ablaze.

The music and picturisations were brilliant. I mean,
Humse Pyaar Kar Le Tu, Allah Jaane and Jabse Mere Dil Ko Uff on the big screen,

Cinematography was impressive. So many beautiful shots, a feast for your eyes!

Go and watch Teri Meri Kahaani on the big screen, people!

Now I'm discussing details of the movies with MAJOR


Govind was just so very cute. And looked quite attractive, I have to say, but don't tell Mahezabeen I said said :D But the way he led on Prachi's character, that was just mean. I've heard people say (points at Mahez) that he wasn't aware that she would fall in love with him, but how did he think Prachi would interpret it when he freaking took her hand! I know, I know, he just did it to throw off the paparazzi, but still not nice to use someone like that. As I said above, I'm not sure about the 1960 ending - why did Ruksar decide to come back to Govind? She had a talk with her friend, what
happened there? "The dude used me, but he really loves you and you love him, so go get him"?

Oh, the pillar scenes in Jabse! UFF!

I just loved the Don reference "It's not difficult to understand Meera, it's impossible" The whole cinema laughed out loud at that one. It was so much fun to witness Shahid channel his inner
Ross with "but we broke up"! Nice Friends reference. 

The Facebook war made clear Krish is no angel, that's such an asshole thing to do, even though he didn't start it. Which is why I just want to give Kunal a hug for having Radha react in such a realistic way to it. 

Awww, Krish!
 The girls are like alcohol speech was fun and touching. I also really liked the 2012 ending.

I loved how Javed made fun of the Brits. And did he have a mother-daughter 3some? LOL One night with Javed makes a British noble girl laugh in her father's face when she gets caught with an Indian village boy! Naturally, who wouldn't be happy after spending the night with him. And how sweet and funny that Javed said a shayeri for her in English! Javed's character arc was definitely the best out of the three - from pretending to be interested in the protest movement to cowardly hiding only to be caught and then to full heartedly throwing himself into the quest of impressing Aradhana. How my heart broke for him when Aradhana's father told him "Did you really think I'd marry her to someone like you?".  I forgive him his womanising ways, because he really fell in love with Aradhana and the way he said "Then I will marry her four times" was breathtaking and so romantic and tugged my
heartstrings. The whole Javed Shaadi scenes were so intense (at some close ups I just wanted to reach out and touch Javed's face. And run my fingers through his hair. *longing sigh*) Though when his dad said "You have to marry Mumtaz first, then take her as second wife, you can marry four times" I
had to laugh. How great was Priyanka when she came to see Javed before his marriage!

I love you, too, Javed!

 In your face, dad of Aradhana who thought he wasn't good enough for her (not that I can objectively blame him, but still :P). 

I don't understand critics' problems about all three love stories having a happy ending. If these 2 characters married at one point with the Hindu ritual, meaning they'll spend seven life times together, logically all 3 love stories need to have a happy ending (I had a twitter discussion with Aashi on this, and J&A can't be the first reincarnation, they probably didn't have the Hindu ritual, did they? Also, can anyone tell me if the 7 life times are 7 consecutive ones?).

Also some critics say the love stories are not connected. Did they miss Ruksar and Aradhana' love for berries, Aradhana saying UFF at one point and that Javed, Govind and Krish are connected by having girl troubles?

In conlcuison: I love Teri Meri Kahaani, it overfulfilled my high expectations and I am a proud Shanatic, hamesha!

(Screenshots owned by Eros International)

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Creations Part 2

So, here's another couple of my TMK creations. Aaand, ya know, this blog allows comments. ;-)

4 Days To Go - I cannot wait!

I got a request on twitter for this by @Se7enSUE

I made this after booking my tickets for Friday (and Saturday)

I call this The Green One

And here is The Red One :)

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