Montag, 18. Juni 2012

Creations Part 2

So, here's another couple of my TMK creations. Aaand, ya know, this blog allows comments. ;-)

4 Days To Go - I cannot wait!

I got a request on twitter for this by @Se7enSUE

I made this after booking my tickets for Friday (and Saturday)

I call this The Green One

And here is The Red One :)

—-- Artikel wurde auf meinem iPad erstellt


  1. You are talented,Calena!:-) (Though we all know that well,don't we?):-)
    All creations are beautiful!I particularly like 'The Green One',love the colors and borders that you have used in it,and even in 'The Red One'.

  2. Thank you! MUAH! All of these are done with the ipad app photo shake, which makes it realy easy.