Freitag, 16. November 2012

Calena went to see Jab Tak Hai Jaan

Be warned. Contains spoilers. 
Do not read if you haven't watched the movie yet. 

Shah Rukh Khan was perfect in this movie. The King of Romance is back.  It was such a treat seeing him on the big screen. And revisting SRK as the Punjabi munda was awesome.

 On the other hand, I very much loved his bad-assery, too.

Kat was beautiful and Anushka did her usual energetic girl role with aplomb.

I do have some issues with the movie. First and foremost, the reason Meera (Kat) and Samar (SRK) couldn't be together was bullshit. At first I thought maybe it was just bullshit for an atheist like me, but a few short convons on twitter showed I'm not alone with this opinion. And Samar agreed, too. Whatever happened to the good old "parents don't agree"? It was certainly more convincing than all these contrived reasons why lovers can't be together we get from newer Bollywood movies.

An old Bollywood staple that I'm not such a big fan of is the falling in love at first sight based on nothing but looks. Yeah, that happens here, too. But ok, at least he got to know her pretty quickly.

Coming back to afore-mentioned bad assery, I loved the scene where SRK challenges god in the church.

Kudos to JTHJ for making a topic out of the age gap. Yes, Kat is still way younger than SRK in real life, not in the movie), but not having Samar romance Akira (Anushka) and the discussing the age gap is much appreciated, never mind that Akira fell for Samar. I can accept and understand that.

What happened before Ishq Shava has to be seen to be believed. So go watch the movie, since it's not on youtube yet :)

I wasn't aware it snows so much in London :D But it makes for pretty images. As did the fountain scene.

The much talked about kissing scenes, I'm aware it's a huge deal for SRK and a premarital sex scene , too in a Yash Chopra movie!!! Objectively the kisses are super tame though. I any case, I liked them.

I'm happy with the ending, though I was worried for a few seconds.

The cinema hall was full and there were quite a lot NRIs, so I got treated to clapping and cheering upon SRK's entry, which was unexpected, but very nice. No dancing along or throwing coins at the screen, though, and that was very nice too, wouldn't wanna have my view of SRK obstructed even for a second.

Overall JTHJ is a fun and romantic movie with well made action scenes, that doesn't get boring despite the 3 hours runtime. It is The SRK Show, though, so if for some stupid reason you don't like him, don't watch it. 

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