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There's Method In This Madness - Haider Posters and Trailer

HAIDER - or as I call it "The movie Shahid sacrificed his hair for".

I trust Shahid, and I trust Vishal Sir, so I was always confident the movie would be worth this ultimate sacrifice (My blog's title, cafuné, is the portugese term for running your fingers through the hair of someone you love. I'm a big fan of great hair. And we all know Shahid's hair is awesome.)

And the posters made a real impact on me, especially the skull one. Check them out:

 How intense are these!

And then, today, came the trailer:

I could now list 50 adjectives to praise Shahid's superb acting, but we all know it's superb (he's an utterly convincing madman), so I'll leave it at that. The trailer is visually stunning, I love the use of colours set off against the white of the snow. I'm looking forward to the action and to the music (the song used in the trailer is great) and to the great Hamlet monologues delivered by Shahid - I love his voice and the more he talks, even if it's crazy stuff, the better. Every time I see Shahid WITH hair, I still feel a jolt of happiness :). In most of the scenes, I just wanna hug Haider. Whether this is because I sympathize with the tough situation the character finds himself in, or because I'm just so happy to see Shahid in a new movie, I'm not sure. I assume the romance won't be on the forefront, but as you can see in the umbrella scene, it will be an added bonus.

Which leads me to give a word of advice - do not expect Haider to be rom-com or a masala movie. Haider, from the looks of it, will be so much more!

Please read this very good article, that I agree 100% with:
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