Sonntag, 12. August 2012

A Nice Medieval Castle

I went on a 4 day holiday, and ended up seeing three castles. Here are some pics of the most impressive and most medieval one, Castle Rappottenstein in Lower Austria. It is located in a region called Wood Quarter, some of the pics may tip you of why :)

Pics were taken either by my friend with a super fancy camera, or by me, with my iphone :D

I love how they used the rock formations to build the castle on and into.

These cannon balls are from when the Swedish tried to take the castle. But they failed, in fact this castle was never conquered.

This thing to the right of the small window is the toilet.

This got added post middle ages, which you can tell because it's fancy and pretty. And the guide told us :D

Kitchen. That's a really big pot!

Pics from inside:

We got to lift the swords, which probably means they are replicas. Still pretty cool.
 Now for some outside and garden pics with landscape:

Did I mention I want my own castle?! :)

Dungeons, not  nice place to be, cold, dark and wet:

Landscape pics:

Ok, this one is more clouds than landscape :)

Kitty didn't want to hold still!


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  1. Nice pictures,Calena!:-) I particularly like the clouds picture,you can see the beams of sunlight filtering through those grey and white,fluffy beauties.
    I wish I could go in that dungeon,seriously!Unless it has bats or scorpions or spiders or snakes,hehe.
    The most important question though - Who built this castle?
    P.S. Thank you for sharing!:-) I hope you had a nice time!