Dienstag, 24. Juli 2012

Pic Creations Part 5

Posting the next patch of creations - if I counted correctly, it's part 5.

The Friday 13ths creations were an idea by @lisa_kehr who also provided most of the pics used. Thank you, sweetheart!

Screencaps for the next one taken from here:

 Played around with my newest app, Photo Wall.

PhotoFunia is such a charming little app!

I just love it when Shahid touches his face with his fingers - I don't wanna get into speculations why :D Anyway, talking on twitter it turned out many #Shanatics share my opinion. This creation is after an idea from @KESHLUVZSHAHID and also the pics have been provided by her! MUAH!!!
(And btw, my fave colour is blue :D)

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