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Eros Live Chat with Shahid and Kunal

Living in Austria I thought it was impossible to ever meet Shahid. And I haven't yet met him, but thanks to the lovely guys at Eros, who organised a live chat, I got to talk to him - 2 minutes I will cherish forever:

Here is the transcript of what was said (by the lovely @Mahezabeen):

Eros: Salena

Cal:It's Calena

Eros: Calena Hiii

Cal: Hi

Eros: Unfortunately I guess your camera is not working

Cal: (in the bg Hello....Hello)
I don't have a camera

Eros: You don't have a camera!

Cal: May I talk to you anyway please? I'm from Austria and I am really looking forward to watching your movie, it's playing in Vienna, and I'm going to watch it first day first show (Sasha gets a HUGE grin on his face on hearing this :)))

Sasha: Overwhelmed!

Cal: And you are the reason I am watching hindi movies

(Sasha leans towards Kunal to clarify what Cal said)

Cal: and I really love you

Sasha: Thank you so much, that's so so so sweet of you!!

Cal: I have a request from Mahez from Australia, she wants you to recite a poetry (Sasha's surprised expression! LMAOOOOO) ..a poetry that wasn't in the promo (Sasha grins broadly!! Haiiiii)

Sasha n Eros: One that wasn't in the promo

Sasha: (touching Kunal on the shoulder) Kunal will help me

Eros: So Kunal gonna step in on that...you basically mean one of the shayeris that wasn't in the promo right?

Kunal: ...na samajh hai woh (ignorant is tht person..)

Sasha: jo na samjhe (that doesnt understand..)

Kunal: repeats the line and laughs

Sasha: Ok its very complicated but we gonna still try (Kunal cracks up)

Sasha: Unhe yeh shikayat hai humse (She has this complain with me..)

Kunal: Unhe yeh shikayat hai ke hum har chahere ko dekh kar muskurate hai ( she has this issue with me that I smile at every face)

Sasha: repeats it

Kunal: Na samjh hai woh na samjhe (ignorant she is tht she doesnt understands)

Sasha: repeats

Eros: wah wah

Kunal: humme toh har chahere mei wohi nazar aata hai (tht in every face I see her)

Sasha: repeats

Eros: wah wah wah

Sasha: Now u can say wah wah how can u say wah wha without knowing the totality

They start discussing when u should say wah wah ROFLL

Eros: Next time I will do it properly

Kunal: Okay so I will have to prompt her as to how to react to the shayeri!!

Eros: Salena (arrggh she said it wrong again)..thank you

Cal: Thank you byee

Sasha blows a throw kiss *MZ dead on the floor*

People told me I was remarkably calm, but that wasn't how I felt at all! I'm happy to have managed to speak at all. Oh, and that flying kiss!

Here's the rambling tweet I made after the chat:

I'm VERY amazed at how confident I sounded, too. I was seriously freaking out inwardly. I was totally panicked, b/c the question about the 3 characters I had planned on asking had been asked before. Thankfully, seconds before I was on, @Mahezabeen practically screamed at me on twitter to request the shayeri. Also, I had no idea if he actually heard me - I for sure didn't get his replies while I was talking (again thankfully, because if I had realised he said "overwhelmed" and "so so so sweet" I would have probably fainted then and there.)

I really have to thank Mahez for telling me to request that, b/c Shahid and Kunal had tons of fun reciting!
My only regret is, that I was too polite to stick around, b/c I wanted to let other ppl get their chance too. I wanted to ask Kunal what was the best and worst thing about working with Shahid, and given their interactions, they'd have had lots of fun discussing that. :D

The flying kiss was about the only thing that actually registered with me during the actual experience. LOL I had to go on twitter and ask if it had really happened, though. So superb to get that without asking for it. And that smile when I said bye!!!??? I own that smile. It is mine forever. *is dead*

I swear I specially planned on NOT telling him I love him, b/c everyone tells him that, but it somehow just slipped out!!!!

Oh, I freaked out plenty, and am still freaking out. I watched my part about 50 times and actually only got around to watching the whole chat 2 hours or so ago. So when ppl told me about being calm and rational, I wasn't sure what they were talking about, b/c that's so far from how I felt! But in comparison I guess I was being calm, and yes, I noticed him being very attentive in compariosn - but again wasn't sure if maybe it was just wishful thinking on my part. But since you noticed it too, I believe it.

You bet I will cherish this FOREVER!!!!! Still barely able to believe it happened!


 And here is the whole chat:


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