Mittwoch, 11. Dezember 2013

My R…Rajkumar Light Bulb Moment

I'm a die-hard Shanatic. R...Rajkumar is full of Shawesomeness. (You can read my review here)
I'm not at all a fan of masala movies. I mostly find them stupid. I've always been baffled by how Salman's masala movies could be so successful. I had fun making fun of these movies. But beware, somewhere in the middle of watching R...Rajkumar I had an epiphany:

For people who love Salman as much as I love Shahid (though why one would choose to love Salman when one could love Shahid is a mystery to me :D) stupid Salman masala movies are full of Salman-ness, hence they enjoy them so much! Salman fans, you were right and I was wrong.  Aap sab humme maaf kar dijiye! 

It was always my opinion that success or failure at the box office says little about the quality of a movie. Objectively, R...Rajkumar has its weaknesses and I won't hold it against critics to point them out. What I do hold against them is the gleeful  bashing of R...Rajkumar that's going on, when none of these critics dare to utter a word against a Salman movie out of fear of getting on his wrong side. Even if critics don't like the movie, how can they presume to tell people not to watch a movie! It's their job to watch movies and be objective about them even if they don't like them.
And in case of R...Rajkumar's BO success despite critics' best efforts to bring it down:
 In your faces, a*******!

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